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purple princess doll
Tammy the Soft Baby Doll
Tammy the Soft Baby Doll
Tammy the Soft Baby Doll
Tammy the Soft Baby Doll

Tammy the Soft Baby Doll

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Hi, I’m Tammy! 
I’m a beautiful princess! 
I’ve got purple hair made of yarn! 
My maker tied it up in buns, one on each side and I wear a gold crown! 
I hope you like my dress! It’s purple - my favorite color!
It has a furry top and the dress has stars and moons all over. It even has two purple stars on the side! It has been made with great detail! 
My shoes are purple (You know… to match my dress. ) My face is also embroidered! My designer made sure I will have eyebrows, brown eyes, a nose and a mouth with little pink cheeks. I am definitely shorter than you...19 Inches high! Will my next home be with you?

Tammy is one adorable creation- 
She is made with high quality fabrics and cotton blend- so not to irritate the skin. These fabrics also make it possible for Tammy to be washed easily! You can spot clean her with a damp towel or toss her in a mesh laundry bag and into the washer on cold. Air drying only. 


Baby dolls not only make a great gift for any little girl, but they can also be a great benefit as therapy dolls. Dolls have been shown to reduce stress and upset in dementia patients while also giving them more structure, responsibility and caring to their everyday lives. Dolls also aid in relieving anxiety in children, which affects over 10 percent of children under 18. A therapy doll with parent counseling can minimize anxiety.

If you’re looking for a sweet baby doll, for your child, family member, friend, or any child in your care, Then you have arrived at the perfect shop! Most US orders arrive within 3-5 business days. 

She will arrive in simple lightweight packaging 

Much Love, 
Crystal @oddpeanutshop