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About Us

For most of us, learning to crochet was through a family member using a basic stitch making a blanket. We all remember those days right?  As time went by my others had  a hand in teaching different stitches and how to make scarves as well as different styles of blankets. 

It wasn't until I was home bound for a year and extremely bored did my skills really take off. One of my daughters is really into the music festivals so she wanted tops and then bags. I watched tons of videos, learned to read patterns and then discovered I could create my own styles and designs.

Quality materials are important to me. I don't go for the cheaper yarns. They are itchy, scratchy, and rough. That makes for a very miserable feel on the skin. No one wants that. So yes you make find similar items cheaper but what is the quality? Is it soft to where you want to use it over and over, will it last over time? Things to consider when shopping. If I won't wear it or put it on a baby or child myself, then I won't sell it. 

Odd Peanut was started with the help of Ebay and Etsy. They are great platforms but with the high fees, new selling rules, and not getting much traffic, we decided to try making it on our own. Our focus is on handmade items that are unique with a voguish flare. Some items are made by me, Crystal, and others are from other creatives we have found. We also have a women and men's section that although may not be handmade we feel still allows for the uniqueness of one's style.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look around our little shop! Have a great day!