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Belle baby doll beauty and the beast
Bella Baby Doll
Bella Baby Doll
Bella Baby Doll
Bella Baby Doll

Bella Baby Doll

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Hi, I’m Belle! 
I’ve got dark brown hair made of yarn! 
My maker has it in a partial bun with a yellow ribbon! I'm wearing lovely little gold earrings too!
I hope you like my dress! It’s yellow with gold lining at the chest - my favorite color! 
My shoes are yellow shoes (You know… to match my dress.)
My face is also embroidered! My designer made sure I will have eyebrows, brown eyes, a nose and a mouth. I am definitely shorter than you...15 Inches high! Will my next home be with you?

Belle is one adorable little creation- 
A super cool rag doll, made with high quality fabrics and cotton blend- so not to irritate the skin. These fabrics also make it possible for Belle to be washed easily! You can simply spot clean her and let her air dry only. 

If you’re looking for a sweet baby doll, for your child, family member, friend, or any child in your care, Then you have arrived at the perfect shop!  

She will arrive in simple lightweight packaging. Most US orders arrive within 3-5 business days.  

Much Love, 
Crystal @oddpeanutshop