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Why Zoe the Soft Doll is Starstruck


Hello, It’s me again, Zoe, your story-telling doll. Lean in close, I have a magical tale to tell you today. Have you noticed my beautiful dress? I really love the sparkles on it, and I’d love to tell you where they came from!

One night when my owner Kally was sleeping, I crept out of bed and tippy toed over to my treasure chest. Look inside with me. I opened the lid and there I sat, a tiny version of myself turning and turning and dancing to the melody of the chimes beneath the box. I am a loving and compassionate rag doll, and seeing this tiny dancer stuck in a box made my heart sink. I wanted to set this tiny dancer free but how could I? She was stuck inside this jewelry chest. But maybe she loved it there? It was her home after all. I sighed. How can I know how this little dancer is feeling when she can’t talk to me and tell me. I opened one of the drawers on the chest to see a row of beautiful glistening rings, a green emerald sparkled so much that I couldn’t resist picking it up and sliding it onto my soft finger. Just as I did, a sparkling light shone over the tiny dancer and she blinked!

Zoe the Soft Doll
“Oh, I’m so glad you found the ring!” She smiled excitedly.

“I’ve been waiting for someone to do that for about 3 years now. I’ve lost track of how many thoughts I’ve had but haven’t been able to tell anyone about! What’s your name? You look kind. Are you able to help me?

“My name is Zoe, I’m Kally’s new rag-doll. Of course, I’d love to help you!” I was very excited to hear this tiny dancer talking.

Her cute voice continued as she told me the story of how she found herself dancing around and around in the jewelry box. Many years ago a grumpy old man had trapped her in a large chest, because he hated the thought of dancing or singing, or happiness of any kind. Every ten years that passed, caused the chest to shrink and shrink until it became the size of a jewelry box, and of course, the dancer had shrunk along with the box.

“Kally found the small chest and began using it to story her precious items in, but Kally never knew that the box was enchanted.” She said, her voice so small it was like a squeak.

“So how can I set you free?” I asked.

“You need to bring me a star, from the night sky” tiny dancer said. She raised her arm and gestured towards the big bedroom window.

“A real star?!” What a challenge. I needed to create a plan. I got straight to work, grabbed my box of crayons and a large sheet of paper and sketched out a very detailed plan! I mapped out my route and packed my backpack. Just half an hour had passed and I was ready to go.

“I’ll bring you that star tiny dancer!”

I climbed up on top of the dolls house, up to the chimney, then swung myself onto the window ledge.

“Aha! Halfway there already” I thought, feeling pleased with myself for getting this high so easily.

I pushed the glass of the window, and the gap between the window ledge and the glass widened. I looked down into the night. What an adventure, this was. Before stepping out of the gap in the window I checked my plan. A swing, a bounce , then stop. Easy. No problem here. As I dropped my short body out of the window, I felt butterflies arrive in my tummy.

“No time for nerves now Zoe, keep it together” I muttered to myself as my legs dangled from the edge. With a swing, a spin and a leap I found myself on the branch of a tree. From here I was in perfect sight of the star which the tiny dancer had pointed at. It was big and shiny, glittering into the night. That star would be so amazing to touch and keep. Now, you might wonder how a regular toy would manage to reach from a tree to a star, but I knew how. A doll this pretty has many, many friends, and I knew my friend the moon would be coming out any minute.

The light became brighter as my friend the moon came out from a dark cloud. He spotted me on the tree branch and swooped down to say hello. I’d chatted to the moon many times. “I need a favor” I asked, “Could you bring me a star?”

“A star?” Puzzled the moon. “You mean one of these?” He reached out his arm and plucked one of the sparkliest, shiniest, most splendid of stars from the night sky.

“Here, take it as a gift from me to you”

“Thank you” I said as I slipped the star into my fabric bag and waved goodbye to the moon. Down I went, back to the window, and climbed inside the bedroom. My heart stopped for a moment as the window clanked and I saw Kally stir in bed, she could awake any minute. I tippy toed over to the jewelry box where I had left the tiny dancer.

“Here, I brought the star, it’s in this bag” I whispered to the tiny dancer who was frozen in her perfect pirouette stance. I expected her to react in excitement or at least say something but the dancer said nothing and did not move a muscle.

“Of course, the ring!” I quickly slid the emerald ring on my finger, and just as before, the tiny dancer smiled and came to life.

I took the star out of the bag. As I touched the star it disappeared but the whole room lit up with the brightest of lights!

With a cartwheel and a back flip, the tiny dancer leapt from her place on the jewelry box.

“Thank you dear Zoe! I can finally be free!” She skipped and danced all the way over to the open window and out through the crack.

“Say hello to the moon for me!” I waved goodbye. “Time for bed” I yawned.


As you can see a lot of fun awaits any little girl who loves dolls. She can’t wait to find a new home with you and be the best of friends!    

If you’re looking for a sweet baby doll, for your child, family member, friend, or any child in your care, then Zoe is the perfect option!


If you know of anyone who would enjoy her then please share her with others!


Much Love,


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