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Tips for choosing durable crochet bags

When you decide to buy a crochet bag which can be used practically and not only for decoration purpose, you have to make sure it is sturdy. As you will be keeping your belongings inside it, it should be safe enough and should not stretch with time. So, here are few tips to buy durable crochet bags.

Check the handles wisely- While buying the crochet bags, check for the handles. The stitches given should be small and tight in un-stretchable cloth like cotton, so that they don’t get loosen up with time. The bags with wooden or plastic handles are the safest to keep valuable belongings as the handles are strong as compared to other type of handles. Handles of clothes, belts and wirings are also good because they can be useful when it comes to carrying heavy items in bag. Also check if the handles are attached appropriately and secured firmly in the fabric. If there are screws attached for fitting the belts, then it’s a really great thing.

Check if the bag has lining- The crochet bag which is lined with cloth is more functional. Crochet fabric has gaps in it and your valuable items from cash to nail-paints to lipsticks can slip out of those gaps if no lining is present. The lining also provides the extra strength to the bag.

If not lining, then close stitches- If the crochet bag you are willing to buy has no lining attached to it, then see if it is knitted with close and dense stitches. This is important to protect your valuable items from slipping off. If the stitches like bobbles are used then be sure of the safety of your items. But, of course to identify the type of stitches you must have knowledge about them. The boho bags available in the market are knitted with dense stitches. Apparently, no crochet bag available in the market is stronger and safer than them.

Have an eye on the fabric used- While choosing a crochet bag, have a closer look at the fabric used. Try to choose the bag which is made up of durable fabric which will not stretch with time or after the wash. The fabric used should be light weighted and should not get damaged if gets wet. If the multiple layers of fabric are used to make the bag, then it definitely increases its strength.

Examine the edges of the bag- See if the edges of the bag are properly stitched and can hold together for long time.

Check the closures- Check the closures attached to the bag like buttons, zippers and flaps are in good conditions. If the zippers are opening and closing properly and buttons are tightly stitched.

These tips will help to buy a sturdy crochet bag. The added features like pockets enhance the outer look of your bag. So, you can choose a durable bag with attractive look and have a unique style statement of your own.

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