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The Many Adventures of Mia

Hello, is anyone out there? I am Mia. I need a friend and I’m hoping you do too. Or maybe you know someone who does!  I love to go out, make friends and mingle. I hate it when it is boring and with me, you can never be.  What do you like to play? I like being outdoors with picnics, birthday parties and even outdoor games with friends. It makes me feel carefree! Yeah! I love playing outside.
I am very beautiful and sassy. My face is embroidered with fine and shining threads. It is round with perfect brows and eyes. They are like almonds. Yeah! My eyes are pools of white shining almonds with brown eyeballs in its core which are definitely looking into yours. My nose is pointed and I have the perfect little mouth. 

Mia the Soft Baby Doll
My dress? I love making a fashion statement! My best color is red. I love to look classy in perfect blends of bright colors which make me fit for all occasions. My skirt is short and it is sparkling white and decorated with red flowers. You like flowers right?  My blouse is blue in color, it is body fitting with a nice and short round collar. I have a red sparkling bow at the center of my blouse. It shimmers and shines. Can’t wait until you to see it!I am made of high quality fabrics blended with cotton that makes me skin friendly, so no worries! No irritation, no redness, no sores!  I am not messy and when I get dirty you can easily clean me up without washing. Hey! Do you know what yarn is? My hair is made of yarn, yes, yarn of brown color which hardly gets dirty. I tied it up in braids. Some of my braids are knotted with red ribbons I am sure you will love it!

Can you guess my shoes? I wear white cotton socks and yes you guessed it, red shoes! What a perfect blend of colors; brown, blue, white and red, it’s all fabulous! Do not worry I can also dress you up with nice blend of bright colors. Can’t wait to see you in them!
What is your favorite season? I hate the heat during summer. My best season? It is winter, though it ruins my vegetable garden but I am able to ski in the snow. Can you ski at all? Can you ski on snow too? Momma taught me and I would like us to go together, I can teach you if you don’t know how. It is an outdoor game and I love it the most at winter. I can also build snowman. I’m really good at that! I remember the last winter when momma came rushing outside and made me go in she said I was alone that it would have been safer if I was building the snowman with a friend.
I also love it in the gardens. Why? Because of the fresh vegetables! I love eating vegetables and I am good at keeping a garden full of one. Back here, I have a small garden and it is beautiful with all it’s different colors. There’s spinach, lettuce and red berries. I tend my garden every day to prevent those terrible weeds from running over my vegetables. I wish to have a bigger garden and look forward to doing it with a friend.
I like to help momma make different dishes and sometimes try out new recipe with carrots, cabbage, onions, and lettuce. My berries are bright red and when they are ripe I use them to make berry squash. I enjoy spinach in different dishes. I can teach you how to make different sauces and jams with leafy and root vegetables and fruit. There is a lot we can do together!
Do you have any pets? I love my dog! Do you know I fed my dog with my veggies combination? His nose would sometimes turn up in a yucky face but it’s fun watching him gulp it down!
I think birds are nice too. To have a beautiful bird in cage that would chirp to wake us up in the morning with a nice song but I don’t think my doggie would like that too much. I think my doggie is better for me, he snuggles around me while I sleep and we will cuddle and coo together. He will lay his head in my lap while I watch my morning cartoons and he keeps watch while I sleep. He loves my bed!
The most fun part of having a dog is those wild goose chases on the street, to the park, to parties,  and to the beach. It’s always so much fun! I had thought my dog had got lost one day when it followed daddy to the library! I love story time with daddy and he had gone to get us a new book. I looked everywhere for him but he was nowhere to be found, I was so scared I would never see him again! He came home with daddy! Daddy said he was waiting outside for him! I was so happy to see him! Silly dog!
Thinking of my adventures with my doggie reminded of the beach! He doesn’t really like the water and I can’t swim so we stay with mommy at the edge and play there and build sand castles. But if you know how to swim, I sure hope you can teach me. I am afraid of swimming because I I’m afraid I will drown.
I love birthday parties! I also like to go to balls and ballet dances with my friend Sara, the Ballerina. I love her lightness and the ease with which she dances. She’s been teaching me ballet. I think I am more of a free dancer, I dance with my arms swinging around me as I go in circles! Can you guess my favorite food at parties? It’s hot dogs and the cake! Why? Simple, the hot dogs are the best and the cake is covered in frosting! I love it. What is your favorite?
As you can see a lot of fun awaits us. I can’t wait to find my new home with you and be the best of friends!    

If you’re looking for a sweet baby doll, for your child, family member, friend, or any child in your care, then Mia is the perfect option!

If you know of anyone who would enjoy her then please share her with others!

Much Love,


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