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Tata the Tour Guide

Bonjour! I am Tata, your french tour guide. Would you like to come with me on a journey through France? I have a perfectly classic outfit, purple stripes and my trusty beloved beret. My bag is packed, would you like to see inside it? I have my camera because pictures are very important when you go to a new place! I also have some sun cream, some tasty snacks for the journey and most importantly, my euros!

Maybe you should pack your bag and join the ride. I have fifty seats on my open air tour bus, I have a large steering wheel and a loud horn for annoying traffic! I can get you to a speedy destination or help you explore in leisure. I hope you’ll join the tour this week! I would love to show you the beauty of my country and introduce you to my favorite french delicacies!

Tata the Elf Girl

Get ready, it’s an early start!

My heart skipped a beat on Monday morning when I saw I had a whole group of tourists on my tour bus ready for a fantastic experience and oh boy, was I going to give it to them!. I put on my microphone headset and welcomed my customers.

Welcome one and all to the best country in the world, France! It is my pleasure to show you the beauty of France!

Time to go” I thought, as my bus vrrrrooooooomed into action!

We whistled through the beautiful Normandie countryside and reached our first destination. La Boulangerie!

Mon cherie, I am delighted to show you the french bakery.”

France is famous for the baguette, and as part of the tour, you will get to make your own baguette. On hearing this, there was excited chattering throughout the bus, especially from the large lady Mrs. Pemberton who was wearing a floppy purple hat and a hideous pair of spectacles. She was thinking about how hungry she was!

The group piled into the little wooden bakery. The sun was hot outside and baker Gene skillfully demonstrated making the dough mixture. That’s when the fun began!

Each person had a bowl of flour. Some people’s dough turned out too sticky; some doughs were too dry; but Mrs. Pemberton’s baguettes looked just perfect! The crispy loaves smelt divine as they came out of the oven. Lunch was very tasty!

Can’t stop for long!” I announced. I couldn’t wait for the next destination. It was a good one. I bounced back into the driver's seat and kicked the bus into action. The sun was beaming through the windows and I could smell the sweet country grass. I parked the bus on a deserted side street and lead the group to a viewing stand. There we waited… and we waited…

The Tour De France will be arriving any minute! Look out for those bikes guys!”

The crowd cheered and cameras clicked as the tourists excitedly caught a glance of the cyclists riding past with concentration and determination on their faces. For the cyclists, this was a test of stamina and endurance. They were doing so well and our group was giving them great support. I was over the moon to be able to include this summer sighting in my tour!

It was my moment to give some priceless historical insight. I coughed and in my most prestigious voice said “This race was first completed as an event in 1903…”

As I continued with my expert advice (for no less than ten minutes!) I saw Dr. Brown’s eyelids start to droop into a yawn, and I took the hint that I might be boring him to sleep.

So, onwards and upwards! The next destination was the Notre Dame Cathedral. There it was, grand and beautiful. The ancient building looked marvelous, and the bells rang out loud and clear, rippling throughout Paris. It was my pleasure to introduce the group to my friend Laurence who knew the Cathedral very well. We climbed up to the top of the tower and saw the huge bells first hand!

Finally the evening came and it was time for my friends to try the most famous of all french cuisine. I passed the plate of snails in garlic sauce and saw a few people wrinkle their noses at the sight of the slimy little creatures. Mr. Brown pretended he wasn’t disgusted at all, and promptly popped one in his mouth. He clearly looked proud of himself for conquering that challenge, but a wave of disappointment crossed his face when he saw a large plate of frogs legs coming his way! Mrs. Pemberton was so hungry that she chomped one up as if it were just chicken! I looked over at sweet passenger Jenny and her newly found friend Reggie. They were already looking into each others’ eyes and I thought I could see a spark of love blooming. I smiled to myself, they would love our final destination.

We can walk from here down to the best view”. So everyone followed and there we were at the Champ-De-Mars. We looked up to see the bright lights of the Eiffel Tower! What a brilliant display it was!

Reggie and Jenny were holding hands as they looked at the tower, Jenny looked like all of her dreams had come true. I thought I’d wake them out of their dream with some classic tour guide input. I piped up, bursting a few people’s bubbles. It was enough to cause a few more yawns and as we gathered back at my trusty, old bus the journey ahead seemed long. Each time I stopped the bus, I dropped off a few more guests back to their hotel wishing them a pleasant sleep and a good holiday in sweet, sweet France,

Well, now you’re the last one on board this bus, so I must bid you farewell. But please come again soon. Here’s your hotel.

You’ll be dreaming in french tonight. Sleep tight, Goodnight!


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