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Significant benefits of handmade clothing

The fashion of handmade clothing is becoming popular day by day and a large number people are turning towards this slow fashion. Handmade clothing has so many benefits to offer and hence being popular among the customers from all backgrounds and all ages. They are not only beneficial for the people but also for the environment. Slow fashion is all about putting your money in clothing with focused designs and materials. It is very transparent and people have knowledge from where there clothes are coming and how they are made. These clothes are usually handmade.  As they are of very high quality let’s have a look at the benefits they serve.

High quality fabric

The handmade clothing is made from a high quality fabric selected watchfully. The purpose is to make them last for long and hence natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, wool, etc. Have you ever noticed that the handmade baby booties of wool last for long than the machine made boots of your little one? Yes, they last long because, they are of made up of high quality fabric, wool.


If the machine made readymade clothes are trendy in appearance, handmade garments are durable. They don’t lose their shape and look old even after many washes. They are made to last for years and not for a season or two. Nowadays, the artists have started making the clothes with trendy prints and bright colours and hence their appearance is also turned attractive.

They can be custom-made

The most significant benefit of handmade clothes is that they can be custom-made according to your size and designs of your choice.

Unique styles and designs

Many of the handmade garments are one of a kind and you can rarely find similar piece as they are manufactured in limited quantity. The styles and designs are totally different from what we get in other ready made garments. Have seen those beautiful handmade baby sweaters? You will never get that type of sweater in branded baby products.

Environment friendly

The commercial garments are produced in factories in large quantity. This manufacturing process not only uses a great amount of energy but also release harmful gases and toxic substances. All this is mixed with either the air or water or the soil to pollute the environment and create the harm to life. We do not face this problem with manufacturing process of handmade clothes as they are made by human hands from start to end and do not create any pollution. Apart from this they upcycle waste clothes to make new and hence reduce the amount of fashion waste.

Beneficial to sellers

Handmade garments are produced in limited quantity and mostly on the order of the customer and hence there is no problem for the seller to deal the stock of unsold items like fast fashion clothing stores.

Now, after knowing this advantages of handmade clothing, I am sure you will prefer them over the machine made fast fashion clothing and get complimented for dressing elegantly.

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