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Sara the Ballerina Dreams of Becoming a Star


Hi, I’m Sara, and I have a super power. You see, I’m a ballerina, or you could say I am a trained athlete! I can't wait to tell you about my week. I jump out of bed at 5am, tumbled down the stairs and started my day with the tastiest, healthiest breakfast. My bagel, avocado and cream cheese is a great start to my day making me feel awake and ready to fire away. The most important thing I do is drink some water, it brings a spark to my smile and puts a bounce in my step. Into my dance gear I go, today will be tough; I have much to rehearse and I’m ready to sweat. Hop in my car and join me to see where I spend my hours as a ballerina.

Here's the secret trick that all ballerinas know. When the sunshine moves and you see it go down, plod upstairs and settle down for a nighttime of dreams. My favorite dances have come from the ideas that dreams bring to mind. I can be free and float in a way that I never can when I'm awake. Then I get to the studio and I create, shape and design the routine until it's seamless and clean. I'm perfect with my bends and beats and I strengthen my feet. Point, flex, point, flex. I practice once, then again, then double time. I know the ropes and I love to share the dancing glow that I feel when I leap into a jump or pose in arabesque.

Sara the Ballerina Soft Baby DollI look after myself very well, and I’d love to help you learn how. When I get some free time I grab a towel and head straight to my beauty room, which is complete with bath, pamper store and perfumes and fragrances galore! Then I begin the thing that might shock you, don’t try this at home, I fill the bath with ice and bubbly foam. This helps me to relax before the show and I feel fresh and clean, ready to go. Sometimes I like to close my eyes and I remember the old days when I first started dancing.

When I was a tot I started in ballet school and on my first day I was feeling shy because everything was new and strange. My mother had packed my ballet shoes into my satchel and I knew she was waiting in the café. I went into the large hall and the other girls were already there, standing in a circle ready to prepare. My teacher was beautiful, her name was Miss Bridgette, her arms were long and skinny and her feet looked petite. She had beady eyes and a neat, brown bun. She could be strict but I found her classes fun.

"Come on girls", she clapped her hands and the music began. We copied and copied but it wasn't quite right. My foot couldn't twist and my arm would lift then flop. Not much good when you're practicing Grande Battèment. I just loved the part where we danced to Peter Pan and we pretended to fly all the way to Neverland. Miss Bridgette was so fabulous, she told us about an upcoming Christmas show, and she wanted us all to dance in it. Our parents were invited, and I knew my mom would love it. The thought made me nervous, I wasn’t so sure, but I never would have guessed that I’d grow up to be on the stage more and more.

Miss Bridgette led the way, when the piano started to play and soon we were all following along. Now here was the hour when I discovered my super power! We did our usual stretch and flex, lift and drop, but this time we stopped up on our toes. I couldn't believe it, my tiny toes held my whole body weight! Sure, I'm only a small rag doll, but isn't that great!?

From that day on I danced on pointe, and I stayed in dance school for many more years. My birthday came around and I received an anonymous gift. It was a large box, tied with a purple ribbon. I excitedly opened it to find a pair of exquisite pink leather ballet shoes. I tried them on and they were the perfect fit, what a wonderful gift! Little did I know that these shoes were the first of many. In fact, as a professional dancing doll sometimes I can need up to 120 pairs of ballet shoes over the Christmas show season. I have a beautiful dressing room backstage. It’s the place I can get ready. Being behind the scenes is always fun, especially on opening night.

On stage I'm dazzling, see me shine. You can be anything you want to be, with me. Take me with you as you twirl over the treetops or through the underworld. So much more can be seen when you dance and prance like a beauty queen. My team and I tell stories through movement. Tales of villains and thieves with suave, young heroes. They knock your socks off with vivid displays of romantic affection. The end is in sight and I can see the flashing lights as I close my eyes and the curtain goes down. The roar of applause is what it’s all for, and when my days in the studio are through, I’ll be remembered for all of the times that I graced the stage with my magnificent dancing performances. These are the moments when the hard work has paid off and I hear the midnight clock chime. Off I go home to settle in for another night, I rest my toes and snuggle up tight. Remember to dance wherever you are, together you and I will become stars. 


As you can see a lot of fun awaits any little girl who loves dolls. She can’t wait to find a new home with you and be the best of friends!    

If you’re looking for a sweet baby doll, for your child, family member, friend, or any child in your care, then Sara is the perfect option!


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