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Sally Sleepyhead and the Tent of Dreams


Sally Sleepyhead my parents called me, ever since I fell asleep at the dinner table and woke up to find my face dripping with custard. I didn’t even notice myself nodding off! They couldn’t understand it either, since I had enjoyed ten perfect hours of blissful sleep the night before. Some children can’t stand bedtime. They kick and they scream and they cause all kinds of trouble. Not me! You see, I just love sleeping. It’s ssooooo relaxing. If I could stay asleep all day I would! But of course, the daytime has it’s nice moments, and I have to be up and about sometimes! Like today, I’m glad I’m awake to meet you. You look like you’d be a dear old friend. I suppose you wonder why I love sleeping. Nighttime just brings me joy! Night time is a separate world of wonders and I want to take you there with me.

It was the holidays and cousins Edmund and Jane were coming to stay at our house. I was so very excited. Edmund loved trains and Jane loved animals, but we had one thing in common. We all loved bedtime! We filled our days with fun activities; playing in the park, pretending to be on the moon… you get the idea. Then it was time for us to wave goodbye to the sunshine as the evening dawned upon us. I sighed with happiness. Jane and Edmund were going to be sharing my bedroom and that was so exciting! We ate our delicious tea of fish fingers, chips and peas when cousin Edmund came up with a smashing idea for the evening.

Sally the Soft Baby Doll
Listen Jane, why don’t you get Sally and we can build a tent of dreams with our blankets. We could get lights and torches and then maybe Aunt Suzie will read stories to us inside the tent of dreams!”

It was the best idea I’d ever heard, I was so happy with it that I nearly feel asleep.

Out came the blankets one by one, along with a big ball of string, some thick rope, and plenty of fairy lights. What a tent it would be! Little fingers got to work, and soon the cushion tent pegs were being placed. The final touches were the lights and they looked fantastic!

Bath time!” Mum shouted up the stairs.

I have rubber ducks on my dress because I love playing with them in the baths. My favorite kind of baths are the extra super duper bubbly ones! Bath time is such an adventure. Edmund rolled his eyes as Mum tousled his hair viciously with a white fluffy towel.

Haha! I’m a hedgehog” Edmund pounced into a ferrel position and began play attacking Jane.

Come here Edmund” Said his Aunt firmly. She took a hair brush and flattened his spikes.

Now, Pajama time.” she announced.

My pajamas are so cozy but I still look stylish in bed! I have a cosy nightdress with rubber ducks (just like my day time outfit) and I have some yellow slippers. The truth is, I usually keep my lovely yellow slippers on all throughout the day!

So there we were, in our pajamas ready for the great unveiling.

Aunt Suzie, we have something to show you!”

As we came back into the bedroom, Edmund and June deepened their voices and proudly announced

The Tent of Dreams”

It was magnificent.

After the stories and the lights were turned out, my cousins started to giggle. They were whispering and chatting. It seemed that the stories and the excitement of the day was keeping them awake. They weren’t sleepy at all!

Oh dear” I thought. Unhappiness was bubbling up inside of me as the pair continued to laugh and chat. They thought their Aunt Suzie wouldn’t mind, but I loved sleeping and I wished they would fall asleep and experience the wonder that was so close to my heart.

I needed a master plan. I took out my notebook, licked the end of my pencil and mapped out the plan. I titled it ‘Sleep Smoothie’.

I knew my mother would always go to her bedroom early and the kitchen would be deserted at this time. This was my moment, I crept out of bed and down to the kitchen.

Now where was that big blender…’ I pondered, my heart racing as I didn’t want to get caught in the act. “Aha!” There it was on top of the cupboard. I pulled a stool over to help me reach (I’m quite short you see) and I clambered up onto it. Bingo. Having plugged the dream machine in, I went to the fridge to find my key ingredients. The main players in my master plan: celery, Lettuce and a little bit of my favorite herb, lavender and of course some milk. Milk was always good for bedtime.

I chop, chop, chopped and popped it all in. Then Whiz! I gasped. I had forgotten how loud the smoothie blender was, it could trigger suspicion. I decided I’d stop with the blender, even if it did mean a lumpy smoothie.

I chuckled like an evil genius and dropped some pink food coloring, to disguise my magical concoction. Rubbing my finger tips together and lifting my heels I whispered to myself “They’ll never know.” I slid the three glasses onto a tray, popped some stripy straws in and bolted upstairs.

I crept back into the bedroom, tray in hand.

Guys, guess what, I managed to commandeer us some strawberry milkshakes! Hehe!”

My cousins were so excited to have milkshakes at bedtime they grabbed one each and drank and drank so quickly that they barely noticed the strange taste!

I smiled as they both rolled over and fell straight to sleep.

My work here was done. Now, off to my favorite place… dream world!


As you can see a lot of fun awaits any little girl who loves dolls. She can’t wait to find a new home with you and be the best of friends!    

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