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Myths and Realities about Handmade Clothing

Purchasing the handmade clothing proves to be a scary process as there are many different opinions floating around it. Many people think that, these clothes are very expensive and can be only used in special occasions. Some think they are of poor quality or old-fashioned. There are many such type of myths surrounding them. Here, let’s discuss about few myths and try to know the reality behind them.

  1. Handmade clothes are very expensive- The words attached to handmade clothing like, custom-made, fashionable, designer, made to fit gives a feeling of top class fashion with very high price, but this is proving to be a myth with arrival of online shopping sites. We can find the clothing in our budget. Plus if you choose the handmade clothes wisely, they can last long. You can simply pass it to someone else. For example, if you buy handmade baby booties for one child, you can keep it properly after use and can pass it to next newborn in your home or even resell it. This gives you best return for the price you paid.
  2. Handmade clothing is of bad quality- A very common myth regarding handmade clothing is that they are of bad quality and can get damaged after first or second wash. Our idea about best quality clothing runs around the big brand name or a famous shop selling it. Like many other things we buy, handmade clothing also varies in quality. It is untrue to say that every handmade item is of poor quality just because it doesn’t have a famous brand name attached to it.
  3. They are old fashioned- Whenever you think about handmade clothing, it is pretty obvious that the image of old-fashioned baby sweater knitted by older generation comes in front of your eyes and it’s not wrong. But, the industry is changing this trend now.  Handmade clothes now come in many beautiful colors, trendy designs and eye-catching prints. They are no longer plain and old-fashioned.
  4. Handmade clothes are rare to find- It was true until online shopping sites and social media networks, handmade items were hard to find. There are not many shops available who sell high quality handmade clothing. You will be very fortunate to find craft market where these clothing are sold. The manufacturers opt for online venues. Some groups are operational on social media through which you can buy handmade children items like baby sweaters and baby booties.

With these four significant myths, one more also hangs around always is that, handmade clothes are only for special occasions like marriage or christenings, but now a days handmade clothes are being designed for almost every occasion, for casual wear and for all age groups. Hence, they can be worn at any time by anyone.

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