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Mia Tapper

Odd Peanut

Hey there ! Don’t you think my outfit is simply dazzling? Well, these shoes are brand new. I thought you might like them. I love how they sparkle in the sunlight and they glisten when the stars shine onto them.

I needed some new shoes recently, I’m a strong doll and I’ve been around since my maker sewed me. My fabric is as good as new and my thread is still as tight as can be, but my old boots just didn’t last. You see, I used them an awful lot and I had to say goodbye to them.

Mia the Soft Baby Doll



After a hard day earning my dollars on the ranch, the thought of having an evening tap dancing was brilliant. I turned up and settled into my dressing room. My door didn’t have a silver star on it yet, but I one day I knew I’d be the biggest tap dancer in all America! When my moment came, I took center stage and began my number. A little bit of salt on the wooden floor and my boots would make that perfect shuffling sound.Let me take you back to a time when huge audiences used to love watching tap dancers and singers. I was one of them! It was so easy for me. I was born with rhythm and tapping out a beat with my feet was a piece of cake. After practicing on the kitchen floor as a kid, I soon became known as a tap dancer when I reached my teens. I grew older and found myself tapping in small playhouses in other towns, and then to my joy the theater in our wild western town Virginia City! I had even been featured in our local newspaper and my fame began to grow among the cowboys and their wives!

Tsshk Tssshhk.

It was going great. I had the crowd on my side; they were laughing, smiling and even whistling along to the country jazz. That’s when it happened. Old Mansey through his hat up in the air and completely distracted me. I was on the back foot and my tapping routine had gone kaput. I did my final slide to the left, and I slipped on what must have been a spillage that someone hadn’t cleared from the stage. I wibbled, and wobbled and I struggled to keep my balance. I rocked back and landed on my arm, but my right leg flew up in the process! The fall made my boot fly straight off, through the air and with a loud CRACK it went straight out of the window! One crack spread to another and the entire glass pane was gone for good.

The crowd grumbled and started to boo me. It was terrible, I’d never had this reaction from an audience. Jerry, the owner of the theater, shook an angry fist at me.

Buy me a new window, or get out of town, Mia Tapper!” His voice was gruff and serious.

I was very annoyed. It wasn’t my fault that my poor, old boot had broken Jerry’s window. I’m a kind doll and I would never want to stir up that sort of trouble. But none-the-less I was in that sort of trouble and no one was ready to hear my excuses. Tap dance and ranch work are so poorly paid that I could never afford to fix such a grand window. So, there was only one thing for it. I had to get out of town.

A couple of men in the audience went to find my boot for me, but when they did, the heel was completely broken off. I was sad to say goodbye to those old boots, but I didn’t have time to look back. Just as the audience welcomed the next act, I headed straight out the backdoor, jumped on my horse and rode off into the sunset.

So long boots!” I smiled and waved and looked into a hopeful future.

It seemed like years before I reached the next town, but my trusty steed served me well. I found her some shelter in the local stables and tossed the fella a coin for looking after her. Now I was free to roam the streets. I have to admit, at night, this street was a little creepy. All of the shops were closed, the lamp posts were melting out dinky amount of light, and the pavement was rough and ready. My mind had wandered off as I began to think of snuggling down into a barn full of hay, when something caught my eye. I took a couple of steps backwards and peered intentionally into the old shop window. There on display were a brand new, perfectly polished, shiny and glimmering, pair of bright red, tap shoes. I rubbed my eyes and blinked. Was I seeing things? I really wanted them, but the shop was closed!

The next morning I was bleary eyed, and my body was a bit creaky from sleeping on the bales of hay. It was time to collect Bronco, my trusty horse. But then I remembered… the shoes! I needed to go back and buy those shoes! I sighed as I felt the little money I had in my pocket, but I headed back to the shop anyway.

This time, there was an old man in the shop, and as I went in, I saw him clearing out the shop window. He was throwing the items into a black bag.

Stop!” I cried as he picked up the beautiful, red shoes.

He looked astounded. I coughed politely.

I’m sorry, it’s just that I would like to buy those shoes!” The old man paused as if thinking hard.

These red shoes have been in the window here for the past 5 years! No one in this town wants to buy tap shoes, this ain’t a dancin’ town! If you’re mad enough to wear them, you can have them for free young missus.”

He handed me them, and the shoes were mine.

I couldn’t wait to dance and dazzle again!

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