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Meet Sally the Soft Baby Doll


My name is Sally, I’m kinda shy but very polite…I would make a great new friend because I love to cuddle! I’m a soft doll so cuddling with me is awesome!  

Sally the Soft Baby Doll

I love playing outside so I always wear my hat, it’s best to be protected from the sun! My favorite color is yellow and I love duckies! Playing tag and singing songs are my favorite! When it’s too cold and raining out, I like to play games and eat cookies with milk!

One time I was playing ball with my friend and it started raining! It was pouring down so hard! We go really wet and had to run inside! We wanted to make a boat and see if we could float down the street. But her mommy said no, we had to stay inside til it passed! That was really disappointing, I wonder if it would have floated?

I have a secret... I’m very afraid of the dark.. I like to have the door cracked open just a little bit and when I’m super scared to have very tight hugs. That always makes me feel better cause then I’m not alone! Do you know of a little girl who is afraid of the dark too? I would be a great comfort to her! Well and me too!

I can’t wait to have great adventures with a new friend. I dream about what playing with my new friend would be like.  I hope to be your little one’s new friend and play together forever. Thank you for learning about me today! I can’t wait to get started building memories together!


As you can see a lot of fun awaits any little girl who loves dolls. She can’t wait to find a new home with you and be the best of friends!    

If you’re looking for a sweet baby doll, for your child, family member, friend, or any child in your care, then Sally is the perfect option!

 If you know of anyone who would enjoy  then please share her with others!

Much Love,


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