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Kira the Fashionista

Hi! My name’s Kira. I’m an elf doll, and I have this annoying sister called Freya. You might have met her, she’s a massive loud mouth and she’s completely off her rocker. She came back from a trip last week and she was wearing this bright yellow and red hat. I wouldn’t have been seen dead wearing such a crazy outfit, but she tells everyone it’s fashion. Hah!

Anyway, let’s talk about me. I’m a lovely, sweet, girly girl doll. The opposite to my sister. I love pink, and flowers, and jewels, and I love matching up new outfits. My wardrobe is huge! I have a giant habit of collecting new scarves and skirts, and jerseys… you name it, I’ve got it!

Kira the Elf DollMy passion for fashion is what made me decide to become a catwalk model. The thrill of walking down the catwalk was just amazing. I’d strut my stuff, the audience would clap and take pictures of the never worn before outfits. The best part of being a model is that I get to wear every color, in a different style every day. I have my own personal hairdresser and a makeup artist who makes sure I look neat and classy when I show off the new look.

On the night of the fashion shows, the music would start and I would wait excitedly behind the runway. The designer would be touching up my outfit and checking the final details. Then it was my turn, so off I’d go. Head up, shoulders back. Deep breath, and pose! Sometimes I’d pose up to ten times!

I was a successful model and that meant I was very wealthy. I suppose every job has its perks. At the end of the night I’d jump into my fancy sports car and speed back to my chic, city apartment.

I’m also a social butterfly and I love when my friends come round to hang out! Every Friday, me and the girls get dressed up in our best outfits and we head out onto the town! For a change this week, the girls were coming to my chic, modern apartment, and I was so excited. We had talked about planning this for ages. I was going to bake brownies and we were going to play games and paint each others fingernails!

I boiled the kettle because I knew everyone would love some raspberry tea, and after all, it is my favorite tea because its a deep, velvety, pink drink! I have lots of friends, but my closest are Maisie, Maxine and Margaret. Ratatatat! There was a loud knocking on the door. Perhaps one of them had arrived for the house party early.

I haven’t even started baking the brownies yet!” I worried. “Maybe it’s just the milkman” I hoped. I opened the door and there they all were! All three of my best friends had arrived early.

Hey Kira, we thought we’d surprise you!”

My heart stopped. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t have my best outfit on, and I hadn’t curled my hair or put on my makeup!

I’m sorry, I’m just not ready for visitors yet,” I mumbled.

Maisie looked confused, Margaret was baffled and Maxine looked bemused.

Well, that’s the surprise!” Maisie blurted out. “We knew you wouldn’t be ready, we thought we could help you make brownies!”

I couldn’t help feeling slightly sad, I loved my friends, but I didn’t want them to see me unless I was dressed up looking fine and fancy.

Are you sure you want to come in even though I’m not dressed up and ready?” My voice seemed to have disappeared into my throat.

Of course we do! You don’t need to look fancy ALL the time Kira!” Maxine said with a large and welcoming smile. The three piled into the kitchen and we started the party early. Out came the mixing bowls, tins, the dark chocolate and all the delicious ingredients! We had fun following the recipe and when the brownies went into the oven, a chocolatey aroma filled the whole house.

The time came for me to pour the kettle, and everyone sipped their raspberry teas. I cut up the brownie with a sharp knife and the chocolate goo oozed out. The top was perfectly crispy and crumbled at the first bite, but the middle was deliciously smooth and overwhelmingly gooey. We had included dark, white and milk chocolate which combined together to make marble magic. The room was quiet except for the sound of chewing and licking of finger tips. The brownie was too good to talk about.

All four of us devoured the whole tray bake. It had been months since I had treated myself to such an indulgence and boy had I enjoyed it! When it had gone chatting and laughter began and lasted long into the night. We had a blast and I didn’t think about how my face looked without makeup once. The girls went home and I fell straight to sleep. We had so much fun and the brownie and tea had made me sleepy. I went to sleep feeling on top of the world.

So although I love clothes, shoes and style. I know that looks are not the most important thing. I love wearing pink and purple, but I don’t need to dress up all the time. My friends love me because of my heart, and this makes me feel so valuable! I can’t wait to make more and more friends, so I can show them who the real Kira is! 


As you can see a lot of fun awaits any little girl who loves dolls. She can’t wait to find a new home with you and be the best of friends!    

If you’re looking for a sweet baby doll, for your child, family member, friend, or any child in your care, then Kira is the perfect option!

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